Charlie Chaplin Standup

This last halloween Flappers in Burbank was having a dead comedian shows, where living comics perform in the character of someone who’s dead. I was asked to do it this year, and of course I accepted because I love halloween and have no social life….

Exciting Synergistic Possibilities

I used to work with a great startup company called VYou.  I was one of the companies co-founders and as such I got a lot of unsolicited e-mails about exciting synergistic possibilities for vertical cloud growth, and other such nonsense. VYou has since gone out…

Show: Flappers Burbank Sunday May 5th

Hey Friends, I’m going to be performing a quick set at Flappers in Burbank. If you’re in the area come check me out. Here’s a link to the show flyer:

Stupid Hipsters

You can up-vote the fuck out of this one on reddit:

To do: Yoga, Listen To Anthrax, Forget Daughters Name

If It Looks Like A Ninja Is Trying To Kick It’s Way Out Of Your Vagina, It’s Time To Stop Wearing Yoga Pants Luluemon, a top retailer has pulled its popular line of yoga pants off the market, claiming the material is, “too revealing.” A…