Chuck Ludwig’s Bio


Chuck is an internationally headlining comedian originally from Brooklyn, New York. He has been performing comedy since 2010 and has toured across America and the world.

Now based out of Los Angeles California, Chuck is the host of the monthly live panel show, Bad News. He is also the co-host and producer of Comedy Jackpot, ranked one of the Top 5 Comedy Shows downtown.

For booking contact Chuck directly or his manager Ron Wenger @ Catch 22 Managment.

From IMDB:

Chuck Ludwig is a comedian and writer originally from Brooklyn, New York. He is the host and creator of the popular web-series “Bad News Weekly” and a regular contributor to “The Naughty Show” on Playboy Radio.

After starting his standup career in New York, Chuck got sick of shoveling snow and threw all his worldly possessions (a duffle bag of dirty laundry and a coffee maker) into the trunk of his car and headed west. When he hit the Pacific Ocean, he decided to stop and peddle his provocative blend of humor and energy in sunny Los Angeles.

Chuck’s skills go beyond a microphone and a two drink minimum, as he also studied at the People’s Improv Theater in New York and the UCB Theater in Los Angeles.

Although comedy is Chuck’s first love, his mistress is martial arts, and he has traveled the world to train in kick-boxing, jiu jitsu, and cambo.

When he’s not training or telling jokes, he can most often be found riding through Southern California’s canyons on one of his three motorcycles. Yes three.